Mentor/ Tutor/ Life Coach



I offer mentoring with school, workplace and life issues, including relationships with teachers, fellow students or employers.  I have raised 3 boys (now in their 20s) and taught and coached hundreds of high school students, with a focus on personal reflection, responsibility and leadership skills. I find great meaning from helping young people find their own path to pursue their passions.  

Tutoring/Skill Building


I can provide assistance with all Social Studies subjects,  as well as writing, public speaking  and job search skills (resume/cover letter/interviewing).  I have taught several social studies courses and an internship course with a focus on writing,public speaking and other communication and collaboration skills.  I work to help foster confidence through skill building, for confidence breeds success, one step at a time.

Life Coaching


Activities outside of school or work can bring meaning and perspective to anyone's life. I can engage young people in these ways to help them overcome struggles of various kinds, often in combination with mentoring or tutoring assistance.