My Approach


Helping You on Your Way

Young people often struggle with school and life issues for a number of reasons unrelated to coursework. Sometimes they just need stress-free time with an adult who isn't a parent or teacher. My many years of parenting, teaching, coaching and mentoring have taught me much about how young people look at their world and have inspired me to find the right approach to reach and motivate each individual.  This desire to help make a difference is what brought me to teaching as a second career.


Finding Your Path

Everyone has a passion for something that brings meaning to their life. Finding and pursuing passions is an important part of personal growth. With my personal and professional experience and interests, including music, business, philosophy, athletics and fitness, I model and speak from the heart about the importance of life balance.


Exploring Your World

Life meaning comes from interacting with others to make their world a better place.  It happens one individual and one day at a time. I work to inspire young people to look within and around their world to find this meaning.